No prom dress? No problem.

No prom dress? No problem.
New project is announced by Trinity Church. (Source: Lacey Gonzales)
New project is announced by Trinity Church. (Source: Lacey Gonzales)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Angela Taylor remembers what it was like to not have the chance to go to prom because she didn't have the money for a dress.  Even now as a mother, she feels the void that one experience left in her memory.

"I was that girl that didn't get to go to prom," Taylor said. "My father… he was sick and was unable to work at the time. We just had my mother working." Taylor said she told her friends she didn't want to go. But, deep down inside, she knew differently.

"So I just downplayed it that I didn't want to go to prom. But really, I did," Taylor said.

She hadn't thought about this time in her life for years—until her son went to prom last year.

"It brought it back to me that memory," Taylor explained. "I told Lacey (Gonzales), this is kind of what happened to me. Do you think we could come up with something to help the girls in our community that have a hardship preventing them from getting a prom dress?"

Lacey Gonzales, who along with her husband Chad, lead pastor duties at Trinity Church, worked with Taylor to come up with the idea for Cinderella's Closet.

"We're getting a room set up with dressing rooms," Gonzales said. "They can come, check out a dress for prom, return the dress and then someone else can use the dress." Gonzales and Taylor are in the process of collecting prom dresses in good condition. "Formal dresses, even shoes are needed," Gonzales said. "We have three different drop-off locations.They can drop off at Trinity Church on Highland Drive, at Shag's Salon at 1306 South Caraway and at the Curvy Boutique on Southwest Drive."

Instead of having prom dresses hang in closets going unused, the pair asks that young women consider making a charitable donation.

"Since it's a church, you can actually get a tax write-off for your prom dresses," Gonzales said. "You wouldn't think that it would stick with me all these years," Taylor said of her experience. "I think it's a great thing for our community to stand behind. I just believe no girl should be left out because they maybe don't have the money. A tuxedo you can rent. Prom dresses, you have to purchase and they are extremely more expensive."

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