Miller County tax collector recovers delinquent taxes

Miller County tax collector recovers delinquent taxes

TEXARKANA, Ark. (AP) - Miller County Tax Collector Cathy Hardin Harrison has spent nearly the past year trying to collect about $14 million in delinquent taxes.

She says just more than $243,000 has been collected since May 2016, and efforts to collect more continue.

Harrison says she was amazed when she became tax collector in 2015 to learn $14 million in back taxes was owed to the county.

She hired Sheila Sinyard in March 2016 as a delinquent-tax investigator and Sinyard says she's used public records, computers and the telephone to track back taxes 'by businesses.

A business that doesn't pay its taxes could have its taxable assets sold at auction to pay the debt, a step that hasn't been taken, but Sinyard paraphrased a quote about two certainties.

"You live, pay taxes and die."

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