Rain, other remedies can help allergy sufferers

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's springtime, so trees and plants are blossoming, which means the pollen count is up and many are suffering from allergies.

Dr. Shane Speights said the rain we have been seeing does clear the air and help people get some relief.

That relief will only last for a couple of days, though.

He said people who deal with mild allergies all the time can always use over the counter medications to control the symptoms.

"What we call second generation antihistamines, things like your Zyrtec, your Allegra, your Claritin, those medications are the first line for individuals," Dr. Speights said.

If you suffer from more moderate symptoms, your doctor can prescribe intranasal steroids to help if your allergies interfere with work or school.

Speights said he has heard of people trying other home remedies for allergies with mixed results.

"Everybody talked about honey, can you take local honey for your allergy symptoms," Speights said. "Largely the answer is no because the type of pollen bees carry are not usually what people are allergic to. There was one small study that actually did show benefit, and it was when the bees were carrying birch honey, birch tree pollen, and that actually did make a difference in some subgroups. But largely, the local honey doesn't really make a big difference, though it usually tastes good."

Speights also said nasal saline washes can sometimes help with allergy symptoms, but studies show that switching air filters in your home doesn't make a significant impact.

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