Drivers become concern for emergency personnel

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(Source: KAIT)
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(Source: KAIT)

Greene County drivers are quite the concern for emergency personnel, with officials from the Northeast Greene County Fire District expressing their concerns about drivers on Monday.

Robert Hodge, a firefighter with the rural department, said drivers are getting in the way of emergency runs.

We have lights and sirens going and people one, want to stay where they are and look for the lights verses I hear sirens, see lights and pull over on the side of the road, Hodge said.

He said sometimes drivers slow down, expecting emergency vehicles to go around them. Hodge said that takes crucial time away from an emergency.

We really need everyone to get over as soon as possible so we have a straight line, he said. We arent supposed to be zigzagging it kills more time.

Hodge expressed his concerns because he said, in many cases, lives are on the line. He said some drivers will pull out in front of the fire truck, attempting to beat it, mostly at intersections. 

What they don't know, we might be trying to get to a burning house with a couple of kids in it or anybody in there and that every second count to get that house fire put out and get the people out safely, Hodge said.

Not only is the volunteer firefighter hopeful drivers cooperate, but that officials will enforce the law.

Theres a law for vehicles to pull over for emergency vehicles, he said. When you see lights and hear sirens, you are supposed to pull over to the side of the road and give emergency vehicles the right of way. When police started doing seat belt tickets, people started wearing their seat belts because they did not want a ticket. I would hate for anyone to get a ticket, but if they would enforce it, people would take this more seriously.

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