Woman plans to use vacant land to help fund Jonesboro charity

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro woman wants to use a piece of vacant land to help fund a local charity.

Sharon Stallings has asked the Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission to rezone a piece of land at the corner of Stallings Lane and Red Wolf Boulevard.

According to her application, Stallings said the land would be used for a self-sell used car parking lot.

She anticipates having anywhere from 1 to 30 cars on the lot.

She, however, isn't looking to turn a profit.

In the application, Stallings said she wants to use the land to "generate funds for charity." The funds would continue to go to charity unless she needs the money for future health care.

Stallings said the "first profit donations will go to help establish the proposed homeless center across from the Bell Athletic Center."

This piece of land had previously been the center of a rezoning controversy.

Surrounding neighbors opposed a plan in 2014 to add a convenience store on the property.

Stallings said this new proposal should appease everyone.

"They do not want anything that would generate normal commercial business traffic on that corner," Stallings said in the application. "It is not worth fighting… when we no longer have a need to sell the property."

Region 8 News spoke to a woman who lives across the street from the lot. She is not opposed to what Stallings is attempting to do.

Amber Sales said she has a friend who went through trials and tribulations while being homeless with her children.

For Sales, she saw how her friend got back on her feet from the help of others with hearts like Stallings.

That is why Sales hopes the committee gives the opportunity a shot.

"Open up your eyes and your mind and your hearts to the possibilities of who it can help in the long run instead of worry about what it will look like or someone trying to make a quick buck off of it," Sales said. "Just the simple fact that she's willing to put that money back into the community, women and their children, that says something right there enough that it should automatically be approved. If there's a petition to be signed, I'll put my name on it first."

MAPC considered Stallings's most recent request for the self-sell car lot at its regular meeting on Tuesday at the Jonesboro Municipal Center. According to commission chairman Lonnie Roberts, MAPC unanimously recommended the proposal be sent to the city council. The contractor has until Thursday to get the proposal on the next city council agenda, according to city rules.

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