Murder Suspect Arrested After a Year of Waiting

June 21, 2005--Posted at 10:30 PM C.S.T.

WEST MEMPHIS--It was crime a community could not believe. A 62 year old, single woman, strangled to death in her own home.

A neighbor said, "She was a wonderful person, a wonderful neighbor, a sister, a friend."

She was Tommie Davis, a longtime resident of this street in west Memphis. On July 30th of last year, police suspect 42 year old Keith Edward, entered Davis' home and strangled her to death.

Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said Edwards was definitely a person of interest.

Allen said, "An eleven month wait on crime lab results is rather stressful."

Alan says that police had D.N.A. Evidence linking Edwards to the crime. But an over worked state crime lab was the reason for a delay in the arrest. And now that the evidence is confirmed, neighbors like Peggy reed say that they are pleased with Edwards arrest.

Reed said, "I wouldn't have thought he (Edwards) would have done it."

For now, Keith Edwards old house sits empty, yard over grown and condemned by the city. And just a few doors down, Tommie Davis' old house is blooming again. New people, new faces, just a sign that this crime is soon, hopefully, just a distant memory. A

After the murder, Keith Edwards moved to DeWitt, Arkansas and opened up a restaurant. Officer Allen says Edwards went peacefully during his arrest yesterday afternoon.

No word on when his trial will begin.