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Scottsdale police warn party-goers about 'Gypsy Carts'


Scottsdale has the highest concentration of "golf cart" taxis of any city in the country. And police are warning that some of them may not be licensed or have insurance.

"Special event weekends, spring training, we get a lot of these carts that we would call 'gypsy carts,'" said Scottsdale Police Officer Eric Bolles. "They want to come in and make a quick buck. They're the ones who are driving recklessly, no seat belts, transporting improperly. And they're the ones we really go after," he said.

The consequences of riding in an unlicensed cart can be disastrous. In September, Robert McRae was riding in a party cart in broad daylight on a Saturday, when the cart either abruptly accelerated or decelerated. McRae fell from the cart and struck his head. He died two weeks later.

"We were really shocked at what happened and how it happened," said McRae's sister, Ida. "If there's regulations for these golf carts, how did this happen?" she said.

The cart McRae was riding in did not have the required insurance.

"People call us and either their family members have been injured or in a case like this one where they have been killed," said attorney Marc Lamber, a legal analyst at Fennemore Craig, P. C.

Lamber has handled other cases involving party cart injuries.

"Don't think of these as golf carts. These are vehicles," said Lamber.

There are ways to make sure you are traveling in a licensed party cart, rather than a gypsy cart. The driver should be able to show you the license on the spot. The rates need to be clearly posted. And the front seats should have seat belts.

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