Prayer Vigil for Missing Alabama Teen

June 23, 2005--Posted at 7:30 CDT
JONESBORO-- 18-year-old Natalee Holloway has been missing for almost 4 weeks. To honor the family and support the search for Natalee, a prayer vigil is being held today in Jonesboro.

Many of the members of Natalee's family are in Aruba helping search for her, but a few remain right here in region eight praying for her safe return.

Natalee's aunt, Linda Allison, who is currently in Aruba helping with the search, works at the Northeast Arkansas Clinic and Medical Center
Offerings of love, prayer and support were heard from across the mid-south for the family of Natalee Holloway--all in hope that they will find what they have searched weeks for.
"Ideally, you would find that Natalee is still somewhere where she can be rescued. Emotionally, that's what you'd hope for. Again, logically, as long it's been, you're clinging on to that thin thread hoping there's a miracle out there somewhere," Tim Allison says.
Brenda Wiseman of the Northeast Arkansas Medical Clinic says, "The family kept saying that prayer is the only thing that has gotten them through thus far so it seemed that is what we should do is pray for them."
Natalee's mother, Beth, has been wearing these prayer bracelets during her search in Aruba. These same bracelets are being made and passed out here today to show support.
Dozens of people have gathered to offer something in the search for Natalee, an 18-year-old graduate who planned to attend the University of Alabama and become a doctor.
It's those dreams that supporters hope to keep alive as prayers are heard, not just here, but throughout the nation.
"It's been said that you never love someone as much as when you pray for them.We hope that they can feel that prayer as far away as Aruba," Wiseman says.
"You know there's two tragedies here, potentially, one is what happened to Natalee, whatever that is. The second one is that if we don't realize that we've got to put out hope in God, put out trust, or get closer to him, that really this earth doesn't offer what the hope in him offers," Allison says.
"We're all so moved by the fact that not only the Mid-South but everyone has their heart with this family," Wiseman says.