Plane Crash Claims the Lives of Five Jonesboro Residents

June 24, 2005--Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO-- Five Jonesboro residents were killed in a plane crash in southern Louisiana.
It is a tragedy that has shocked region eight after the plane went down with two experienced pilots on board.
A Louisiana witness said the plane attempted to land, bounced back into the air and nose dived into the ground.
All of the passengers were killed in the explosion .... All very important members of the Jonesboro community.

Region eight is in morning today over the loss of a doctor, a dentist, a teacher, an accountant and his 8-year-old daughter.

They all died in a plane crash in a sugar can field in southern Louisiana.
It was a trip among friends with two experienced pilots on board, Dr. Robert Landry and Dr. Coy Mac Boyd Sr.
"They were in Dr. Landry's plane. Dr. Boyd does have his own plane. He's a pilot. He has been a pilot for thirty something years," Boyd's office Manager Lola Beal says.
Dr. Boyd's co-workers say the passengers were headed to Landry's summer home when the plane went down.
"I was in shock, devastated, in shock ....because to me he's just invisible. He's tough. He's just rough. You never thought anything like this would ever happen to him," Beal says.
Boyd and Landry were among friends, accountant Chris Blanchard and his daughter Colby, and a local school teacher, 46-year-old Dayna Banks.
Boyd's co-workers said they never imagined he wouldn't make it home.
"He was a father figure to all of us that worked for him. He was just laid back, down to earth, funny...he wasn't flashy or anything," Beal says.
That same admiration was expressed for Dayna....
"Dayna was a very energetic, had a great passion for teaching. She loved teaching science to the sixth greater went above and beyond," Darrel Dover of the Nettleton Intermediate Center says.
"We're all praying for all of you. All of the families, it's such a tragedy," Beal says.

Dr. Landry's office said they had no comment at this time.