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JPD ticketing multiple drivers in school zone

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Jonesboro police have major issues on a one-way street, right across from the International Studies School.

It is on Rains Street.

Three signs note a portion of the road running in front of the school is a one-way street between 7 a.m.-8:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m. on school days.

The problem Jonesboro police sees is that drivers disregard the signage. One officer said its an accident waiting to happen.

Car after car comes through here and theres signs down there, a white one and a yellow one and it just amazes me the amount of cars that come through here, John Shipman, a Jonesboro police officer, said.

On Monday, Shipman ticketed multiple drivers that came through the one-way.

He described the issue as dangerous.

My concern is the children crossing the street, Shipman said. But another concern is, at different times, theres three to five school buses parked over here and they are backed into that lane of traffic. So when people come southbound theyve got to come over and around the school buses and if we have someone coming northbound, well have a bad accident right here.

Its a concern not only for the police but also neighbors living near the school.

One man told Region 8 News he sees the problem every day and hopes police can tackle it.

They can't read, the Jonesboro man said. “I honestly don't think they can read up here. The sign starts right up here. They really do need to stop this before they hit somebody's kid. Folks aren’t supposed to come through here at all. I don’t like it because I have nieces and nephews. I don’t want nobody hit. It’s all the time.”

Region 8 News joined Shipman on Monday as he patrolled the area on Rains Street.

In a 30-minute period, Shipman wrote three citations and one warning. Those tickets cost $200 or more.

It's very dangerous, Shipman said. Why do we have to wait until something bad happens before we really crack down on it? It's time for people to pay attention to the signs and they're driving, it's their responsibility.

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