Farmers concerned about rainy weather conditions

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GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Local Region 8 farmers are a bit on edge ahead of the rainy weather in the forecast for the next few days.

According to Shane Eason, a local farmer in western Greene County, the possible flooding of some of the fields is devastating.

"Too much water drowns out all of the crops, washes out levees, washes out our roads and we have to start all over from scratch," said Eason. "It is depressing."

Eason said there is nothing to do to prepare for unpredictable weather.

"Unfortunately, we can't predict the weather, but we can't sit around and wait either," said Eason. "We have to get to planted as soon as we can. The downfall is is that we put so much work, time and money in the crops to get the corn and rice planted, but in a few days it will be back to square one."

Eason also added that because flooding causes their supply to go down, they are faced with higher prices.

"I get a grain report every day and because of the weather forecast today, the price of soybeans, corn, and rice are on an upward trend since this morning," said Eason. "And that will still continue to change. Weather is the biggest market factor this time of year."

Eason said the only thing they can do to combat this issue is hope that the flooding goes down soon.

"It all depends on how long fields stay flooded," said Eason. "We have the ditches cleaned out and we get the fields prepared for the possibility, but when a huge flood does happen, we are also faced with our crops by the banks of the river getting destroyed as well. There is really nothing to do."

Eason said it will take a few dry weeks in order for them to be able to get back to where they were.

"It is going to be extra expensive, extra costs, and extra time and the yield still won't be as good as they originally were if they were to come up when it was early," said Eason.

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