Progress Made Over Two Weekend Homicides

June 27, 2005--Posted at 7:00 pm CDT;Updated June 28, 2005 at 11:00 am CDT

Osceola, AR--After three years without a homicide, the city ofOsceola saw two over the weekend.  Residents say they don’t know if their luck simply ran out and they were just due or if something like the hot weather had something to do with the two weekend murders.

The Osceola police department says they are working hard to solve both murders.  On Saturday police were called to J.W. Auto Sales where they found the owner of the business dead in the back room of his offices.  JW Hall was known by most of the community and was being investigated by the FBI for alleged theft of property.

Police say JW was found dead.  The police report lists no possible witnesses or suspects.  They say they are currently following several leads dealing with Hall’s death but stress they don’t see themselves making an arrest anytime soon.

While police seem to be at square one when it comes to solving the Hall case, Things have gone much smoother in dealing with the second homicide over the weekend.  25 year old Russell Jarrett was found shot Sunday evening.  Police say witnesses say he was involved in an argument shortly before being fatally shot.

A 19 year old local man has turned himself in according to police.  They say the man will be arraigned Tuesday and officially charged in the shooting death of Russell Jarrett.

Early Tuesday morning Osceola police told K8 News they had officially charged nineteen year old Dominic Claybrooks in the shooting death of Russell Jarrett.  Claybrooks is charged with second degree murder and is being held without bond at the city jail.