More Complaints About the Greene County Jail

June 28, 2005-- Posted at 10:15 PM CST

PARAGOULD--Our own Tiffany Blakenship went inside the Greene County Jail in January and saw the problem firsthand. She reported that the state was pressuring the county to improve the conditions within the jail, but apparently, inmates are still not happy.

Former inmate Natalie Collins said, "I was an inmate up until yesterday. Staph infection is running ramp id up in there and I had them put me in isolation by myself so that I wouldn't get it."

Natalie Collins informed K8 News of her allegation today. Her's is just one of many former inmates who say that the conditions inside the jail are uninhabitable. Earlier this year, K8 news uncovered that the state board of standards was concerned about the inmate to staff ratio.

Sheriff Dan Langston said, "We have been under pressure for the last 8 years, so this is nothing different. We have been just keeping our head above water and just now it seems that something needs to be done."

We informed Sheriff Langston of the newest allegation and he told us via telephone that:

"His department his doing everything that they can. We go to work everyday and incarcerating people who break the law. It is part of our job. People need to realize jail is not the Holiday Inn."

I asked Natalie to think from the other end of the spectrum, as an outsider.

"Could you not see how a jail is a jail," I asked.

She responded, "I can understand how a jail is a jail, but a jail should be run a certain way. Look at the inmates that are going to prison or the inmates that have been sentenced to 30, 60, 90 or a 120 days and they have to live like that."