Woman airlifted from flooded town for two special reasons

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POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - One Randolph County resident had no choice but to leave town when historic floods hit the area after two people decided they couldn't wait any longer.

At 34 weeks pregnant with twins, Elaine Borreson knew the newest additions to her family would probably arrive a little early.

"I was dilated to one when I was at the doctor's office last week," Borreson told said.

But Krystal and Zakai decided this was the week to make their grand entrance into the world.

Normally, it wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately, the Borreson's were practically stranded in Randolph County due to flood waters.

Elaine and her husband Anthony live in Maynard. Up until Thursday, a trip to Jonesboro would have taken about four hours due to closed highways.

Thursday afternoon, Elaine started having contractions.

She said her husband's idea wasn't quite feasible.

"He said 'hold them in, we don't have time,'" Elaine laughed. "Right."

A trip to Five Rivers Medical Center proved the twins weren't waiting any longer. By then, she was dilated to three centimeters. Her early labor resulted in Elaine's first ever helicopter ride.

"It just felt like a roller coaster to me...and I don't like roller coasters," Elaine said. "I don't like heights!"

But it turned out to be necessary. When she arrived at St. Bernards Medical Center, she was even further dilated. Doctors also told her that her twins were sideways in her womb. She then had a C-Section.

Despite the hoops the Borreson's jumped through to get little Krystal and Zakai here, they say it was all worth it.

"I have no regrets," Krystal said. "They're a little bit early but they're doing good so I'm excited."

Elaine's husband and family were eventually able to get to Jonesboro to meet Krystal and Zakai, but what should have been an hour long drive took them about twice as long.

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