ASP releases video in deadly crash following police pursuit

ASP releases video of crash & deadly wreck
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Police Department has ended its investigation into a police chase that ended in a deadly crash on Monday.

According to Arkansas State Police, the suspect, 36-year-old Nicholes Koegel, of Jonesboro, was being pursued by an ASP Highway Patrol trooper.

ASP said the trooper was investigating an accident on the shoulder of the road when Koegel drove past the crash at a high rate of speed, which prompted the chase.

At 3:04 p.m. on Monday, Jonesboro police were dispatched to a crash at Magnolia Road and N. Church Street involving a motorcycle and SUV.

According to an ASP crash report, Koegel was northbound at a high rate of speed when he drifted from the inside lane into the outside lane. The motorcycle then struck the rear of the SUV.

Video recorded on the trooper's dashcam shows Koegel speeding past the parked cruiser.

The trooper then began chasing the man on the motorcycle. Koegel sped down Highway 141 coming close to vehicles traveling on the road.

Once Highway 141 turned into four lanes as it transitioned to North Church Street, Koegel sped past other vehicles.

At one point, a school bus was traveling down the road as Koegel and the trooper zoomed by.

As Koegel approached the area of Magnolia Road, a gray SUV attempted to pull into the other lane to allow the trooper to pass.

Koegel also moved into the other lane and crashed into the back of the SUV. He died on impact.

JPD completed its investigation and turned the findings over to the prosecuting attorney's office.

Prosecutor Scott Ellington told Region 8 News the trooper was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Region 8 News also contacted Arkansas State Police. Spokesperson Bill Sadler said the trooper was not placed on administrative leave and is still on duty.

Sadler told Region 8 News the trooper followed ASP's pursuit protocols.

Region 8 News obtained a copy of the dash cam video. We've made the editorial decision to only show the moments leading up to the crash and not the crash itself and the aftermath. We will not post the video online or air it on KAIT or NBC Region 8.

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