Farmers Fear Disastrous Crop

JUNE 29, 2005 - Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

NEWPORT, AR - It's an all-too-familiar scene for Region 8 farmers.  Michael Lewellyn owns a farm, outside Newport.    "We've got thousands of acres that look like this," said Lewellyn, as he pointed out fields of dry, wasted crops that covered the landscape.

Irrigation pipes sputter onto the ground.  But the water burns up too quickly to soak in.

"It doesn't matter if we get substantial rainfall tonight.   This corn crop is gone," said Lewellyn.   This time of year, the corn should stand 5 - 6 feet tall.   But this year, it's only knee-high.

Rice seems to be the only crop that looks good for harvest.   On one rice farm, the rice is thriving on one side, but looks like a desert on the other.

A group of Jackson County farmers say federal disaster relief is their only hope.   They want to make people aware of what they're facing.    They say without some kind of help from the government, they are in serious trouble.