Police investigate possible pipe bomb

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - According to Walnut Ridge police, authorities responded Wednesday afternoon to the report of a possible pipe bomb at the corner of SE 4th Street and E. Elm Street. Walnut Ridge police blocked off the area and called in the Arkansas State Police bomb squad to look at the suspicious device. Several homes had to be evacuated.

One resident said it is usually a quiet neighborhood, so when he saw the heavy police presence, he knew something was happening.

"They told us we needed to go into the house, so I grabbed my phone and stuck it up against the window, caught him, they said fire in the hole, next thing you know there was a loud boom," resident Kenneth McDonald said.

When the pipe was x-rayed, authorities did not believe there were any explosives inside and the bomb squad detonated it.

ASP then surrounded the device with sandbags and used another device to shoot a projectile and detonate it. Walnut Ridge Police Chief Chris Kirksey said a syringe was the only thing inside the pipe and that the area was now clear.

"It was a steel, spray painted black, it was a lead pipe that was capped on both ends," Chris Kirksey, Walnut Ridge police chief said. "It obviously threw up red flags."

No one was in danger, but officials took every precaution, Kirksey said.

Several suspects have been questioned, according to Walnut Ridge Police.

Kirksey noted the investigation into where the device came from is still ongoing. 

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