How Do Cities In Region 8 Battle Mosquitos? Part 2

June 30, 2005 -- Posted at 12:15 P.M. CDT

Pocahontas, AR -- "Well I have been here 17 years and we've been spraying ever since I can remember. It's just something we do you know," said Williams.

J.B. Williams takes mosquito control in Pocahontas very seriously!!

"It's 30/30 plus biodegradable bio mist spray. It's non harmful. You know they use it in just about every city I can think of," said Williams.

They mix it with mineral oil and apply.

He says for years they used water to mix with the chemical, but he says it doesn't settle as well as mineral oil, and evaporates too quickly.

Each street, park, and ball park within the city limits of Pocahontas gets treated for mosquito defense.

Beginning in May, the city's two mosquito trucks spray seven days a week from seven thirty until nine thirty doing their part to help you battle the summer bite.

Then, we go through September--it's just according how bad the mosquitos are. This year they haven't been that bad because it has been hot and dry, but in damp weather--well it would be worse," said Williams.

The mosquito spray kills the mosquito on contact.

Like many others, Williams is doubtful there will ever be a product which will eliminate all of the mosquitos; however, he says, the spraying they do in Pocahontas is a good start.

"They've tested it and tested it in different big cities. They say it's the best--that's the reason we use it," said Williams.