Search Continues for Missing Earle Man

June 30, 2005--Posted at 9:00 p.m. CDT
EARLE-- The search continues for a region eight man who has been missing since early Monday morning.
"We've been looking. We had a few airplanes trying to locate him. We've covered the area at least three times in the last few days," Chief Willy Frazier of the Earle Police Department says.
Still no sign of 75-year-old Horl Logan who has been missing for days.
Residents in Earle say it's pretty common to see Horl walking along these streets picking up cans, but his wife says that when he didn't come home, there was much cause for concern.
"That night, he didn't come home and I discovered it was something unusual that he normally doesn't do because I look forward to him coming home every night," Luviena Logan says.
Police say they will continue to search for Logan.
They attempted to search a nearby river, but the water was just too low for boats to travel.
Chief Frazier says they will bring in county cadaver dogs to search for Logan's body.
He says the ultimate concern is Logan's medical conditions.
"He has Alzheimer's, high blood pressure pills and he hasn't had his pills since Sunday. So, we know he hasn't had his pills in that time. That could be dangerous," Chief Frazier says.
The greatest hope is to bring Horl Logan back home, alive .... Back to his routine of cleaning up the streets of Earle.
"We're just waiting for the searchers to keep searching to see if they can't come up with something to tell us." Mrs. Logan says.
if you see Horl Logan, call the Earle police department at 870-792-8909.