Finally, Rain!

July 1, 2005 – Posted at 2:52 p.m. CDT
GREENE COUNTY, AR -- Most of Region 8 has endured drought like conditions for nearly two months now. And in many agriculture-based communities, the heat is hurting farmers. But with the showers that came through last night, things could be looking up for this years crops.
“The soybeans around here were burned up real bad. A lot of them weren't even up at all,” said farmer Randy Russom.
“We were continuously pumping. Everything looked bad and we couldn’t get our beans to come up well. We needed rain to get them up to irrigate,” said farmer Jimmy Condry.
And the rain couldn't have come any faster. Several crops in Greene County were about to go under, and soybeans were looking the worst.
“Earlier this week they were really struggling. They were just, the soybeans, a lot of farmers were needed water to complete their planting and some were wanting the water to get the beans big enough where they could irrigate them, and they were just too small to irrigate,” said Mark Brawner of the Greene County Extension Office.
While it's estimated that some parts of Region 8 got up to two inches last night, for some farmers, it's too little, too late.
“It just needed to be here about two or three weeks ago,” said Russom.
But farmers are appreciative for what fell from the sky.
“It was just really important for us to get rainfall at this time. We had some soybeans that were already dying in places from the drought, so it was a critical rainfall and we're thankful for it,” said Brawner.
“It's just been dry. I’m ready for it to continue raining, and maybe everything will be alright,” laughed Condry.
The rain helped out more than just farmers. A burn ban has been lifted in Sharp County and the Fourth of July fireworks display is back on for Monday night in Mountain View.