Heavy traffic anticipated for Memorial Weekend

Heavy traffic anticipated for Memorial Weekend

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officers are preparing for Memorial Day Weekend.

Sgt. George Martin with the Jonesboro Police Department said they've gotten ready for the heavy traffic they know they're going to see.

"Over Memorial Day it is a busy holiday," Martin said. "It's the first real big holiday going into the summer. We see a lot of traffic. We see a lot of people leaving town. A lot of people leaving town to go to the lake or the river or a friend's house or a family member's house. So, we'll see a lot of traffic flow in the city because of that. And then the same thing on Monday. We'll see a lot of heavy traffic with people coming into town from the holiday weekend. We do see a lot of traffic over this weekend just because it's a holiday weekend and it's a long weekend for a lot of individuals."

Martin said they'll have plenty of officers ready to respond to whatever might occur.

"Our patrol division will be fully staffed," Martin said. "We will have officers out. Even though it's a holiday we'll still be doing our job on that end, patrolling the streets and responding to calls, responding to motor vehicle crashes. Anything that comes up and our patrol division will be fully staffed this weekend."

Martin said the most traffic will be seen as people leave and return from their weekend destinations.

"On Monday and Friday," Martin said. "We tend to see wrecks or crashes because of the heavy traffic flow. Which, our streets are busy anyway, and now everybody's going to be getting off work. They're going to be trying to get home, load up and leave. So, we'll see a lot more traffic going into the night time. We do tend to see a few more crashes when people are leaving town."

Martin advises motorists to take their time.

"Be cautious," Martin said. "Make sure if you are leaving town that your car is ready, your tires are good. Make sure you've got some sort of device to communicate with so if you are stranded on the side of the road and your car breaks down you have a way to notify emergency personnel. Make sure you wear your seat belt. Make sure everybody in the vehicle wears their seat belt. And just drive slow and cautious. Don't try to rush to get there because if you do rush to get there and get involved in a wreck, it won't do you any good. It could hurt you and your family and somebody else."

Martin said motorists should also be aware of what is happening around them.

"Just be cautious. Pay attention to what all the other drivers are doing. You want to be a defensive driver. Always see what they're doing. Make sure they're not doing something ahead of you that's reckless that you may have to respond to," he said. "Make sure you're not just paying attention to what you're doing, but what the other motorists on the road are doing because that helps with you being able to counter-react to whatever happens right in front of you."

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