Jamie Long's Backyard

Jamie Long - Bay

Why I Need a New Backyard:

  1. Our house is only 1 year old, and with any new home comes a blank canvas. The inside of our house is completely put together and has become a place to call home. The outside, especially the backyard, on the other hand, leaves much to the imagination. We hardly ever go back there. It's not quite a part of our lives, and that's a little sad since it's so big and has so much potential.
  2. We spent our entire tax refund on a privacy fence in order to keep our 1 yr old daughter, Maggie, and small dog, Roxy, safe from the road. Now, we have no money to make what is inside the fence presentable.
  3. The entire yard, an acre, was sowed with Buermuda seed, but because of a lack of rain and and a huge area, all we have is crab grass and more weed.
  4. Our back porch is covered and is very nice in theory, but we don't spend too much time out there. There's nothing to admire or look at except a boring privacy fence that was put up by rookies (us!).
  5. Even though my knowledge of plant life is minimal, I would take extra-special care of whatever wonderful creation KAIT8.com Living Spaces would bring to our home. I'm a teacher, and I'm home all summer. I would water everything anytime it is needed. Plus, my Mom, who lives next door and has a green thumb, would give excellent advice on how to properly care for my yard makeover.
  6. My husband's work takes him away from home several days in a row, and when I'm not teaching high school English, I run around crazy taking care of our daughter. Even if we had the money to fix our yard up ourselves, there wouldn't be enough time to get it all done at once or at all.
  7. Since we have  a new hom, van, and daughter, we now have no money. Every dime is spent before it's in our bank account. Spending money on landscaping, trees, plants, tools, backyard toys, etc is a luxury we cannot afford. If our backyard is left up to us, it could be years before we can be completly settled and proud of our yard.
  8. If I was to receive this makeover, I would make 100% sure that all the hard work of the generous sponsors would not go to waste. I would keep up the yard and make them proud of a job well done year after year.