Sextortion a real issue, victim says

Sextortion a real issue, victim says

(KAIT) - Ashley Reynolds said she never thought it would happen to her.

However, officials with the FBI office in Birmingham, AL said the issue of sextortion is a real issue with real victims.

According to a story from WSFA, Reynolds was one of about 350 girls who was reportedly targeted in the Birmingham area in 2015.

"I wouldn't get home till late at night and then I'd have to send him all these pictures, and as I'm doing this he would be like 'no, this isn't right, this one's blurry,' or 'you didn't do this one right, you gotta do it again.' "That's where being a slave comes in because I had to make sure I was doing this right and I sent him all this because maybe tomorrow I'll get a break," Reynolds said.

Federal law enforcement involved in the case said people should be proactive in avoiding becoming a victim. It includes not clicking on links in emails, even from sites you believe you can trust.

If you use any website, get their contact information and call them. Use a strong password for any website and don't keep the information, including password managers, in one place.

Also, federal officials ask that if you are a parent, don't be afraid to be nosy.

They suggest talking to your children about what sites and social media they use as well as how to act online.

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