Community Recovers After Severe Storms

July 5, 2005--Posted at 4:00 pm CDT

Pocahontas, AR--It was a night where most firework shows were overshadowed by the shock and awe of Mother Nature. With winds exceeding seventy miles an hour in some instances, Mother Nature unleashed her wrath on Region 8. Now some families are left cleaning up.

Most of the reported damage occurred in Pocahontas, AR. Here several businesses reported glass windows being blown out and minor roof damage. Several home owners also reported large trees being downed on their property.

On Tuesday, the Pocahontas fire chief allowed K8 cameras to follow him around viewing damage. Some of the worst was confined to neighborhoods on the north side of town where strong winds had obviously devastated some property.

Some of the devastation seen by K8 News were several cars crushed from the full weight of trees bearing down on them after they toppled, another full sized tree falling in a city park, and several power lines still down and running on the ground after being blown over.

Thankfully officials say local emergency management officials were prepared for the storm and had crews out quickly fixing and moving dangerous obstacles.