Grandma's text to chase suspect: 'You really did the deed this time. Turn yourself in'

Grandma's text to chase suspect: 'You really did the deed this time. Turn yourself in'

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Jonesboro man was arrested after police said he led them on a chase through the city.

According to an incident report, Jonesboro police were called to the 5400-block of Viney Creek Lane after a woman reported her ex-boyfriend, identified as 21-year-old Jordan O'Neal, was "rutting up her yard and spinning out in her driveway and road."

Officer Adam Hampton was dispatched and reported seeing the suspected Ford truck in front of the house just after midnight on Wednesday.

The truck reportedly took off from the house at a high rate of speed the officer stated.

O'Neal was seen driving the truck down Viney Creek attempting to turn onto Hollow Creek Lane. However, Hampton said the truck missed the turn and continued to run through at least three yards nearly hitting other vehicles.

The truck continued through the neighborhood and ran up on a curb almost hitting a stop sign before pulling out on Harrisburg Road.

Hampton stated he turned on his lights in order to stop the truck, but it sped up and fled from the officer.

O'Neal continued at a "high rate of speed" over railroad tracks causing the truck to fishtail. He then reportedly ran a red light on Stadium Boulevard before turning south.

The truck reportedly "spun around in a complete circle" on Stadium and ran off the road on the shoulder in the 5400-block.

Hampton stated he stopped in the road and the "truck came at me very quickly and almost struck my car before driving off the roadway again."

Continuing east on Harrisburg, the suspect lost control of the truck again and struck a railroad crossing sign on the right side. The truck hit a concrete driveway and culvert causing it to turn up on the passenger side, the officer said.

However, the truck fell back over and O'Neal reportedly pulled back on the road and drove away again.

Once again O'Neal ran a red light at Stadium and went south, according to the report.

Followed by more officers, the truck traveling over 70 mph would turn south onto Caraway Road then onto Nash Lane.

As Nash became a country road, Hampton said the officers lost sight of the truck until it was found wrecked in a ditch a short time later.

The driver's side of the truck was damaged with the driver's side wheel and spindle "missing completely," according to the report. The inner fender and a mirror were in the ditch as well.

Officer Scott Baker said it appeared the truck ran off the road "to the right before losing the left front wheel and tire, then crossed over to the left side of the road where it impacted the ditch."

The officers did not find O'Neal, who reportedly ran from the scene, but Hampton reported finding the man's wallet and a cell phone with a cracked screen.

On the home screen of the phone, the officer said O'Neal had messages from his grandmother "saying that the police were all around the house and to just turn himself in."

Another message from her stated, "You really did the deed this time" and urged him to turn himself over to police.

Additional officers arrived along with a K9 unit to find the suspect, but they could not find the man.

Hampton reported a towing service contacted the owner of the truck and asked if they could take the truck to the owner's home instead of the tow yard. The officer told the tow truck driver that was between them and the owner.

Officer's learned O'Neal's home was close to where the truck had wrecked.

After the search was called off, Officer Bryan Davis stated in the report that he went into a field to search for O'Neal.

Davis stated that he found a tree stand that gave an "overview of the field." He used the stand, along with night vision goggles, to survey the area.

After officers left the area, Davis reported seeing movement near O'Neal's home, "soon followed by a motion light activating."

O'Neal was later found sitting inside the truck that was towed to the residence. He was arrested without further incident.

Davis noted O'Neal was "extremely apologetic, and continued to repeat that he was sorry" and asked "if there was anything we could do to work it out."

The officer said he smelled the odor of intoxicants coming from O'Neal and asked if he had been drinking. O'Neal told the officer he had drunk six beers.

O'Neal was taken to the Justice Complex for DWI testing.

According to the incident report, O'Neal agreed to take a breathalyzer test which gave a result of .122.

O'Neal was issued a temporary license and cited for reckless driving, DWI, criminal mischief, fleeing, leaving the scene of an accident, and criminal trespassing.

He is expected to be in court Wednesday afternoon and is being held in the Craighead County Detention Center on a bond of $3,930.

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