Dave Van Horn Statement on Tony Vitello

Dave Van Horn Statement on Tony Vitello

Arkansas Baseball assistant coach Tony Vitello has been announced as the new head coach for the Tennessee Volunteers. Below is a statement from Arkansas head coach Dave Van Horn about Vitello.

Dave Van Horn Statement

"Tony has done an incredible job during his time here at Arkansas as a recruiter and a coach. He has poured his heart and soul into our program. He's elevated our recruiting. I knew when I hired him that I would probably only have him for three or four years.

"Tony has worked tirelessly as our recruiting coordinator and with our hitters and outfielders. He's done an outstanding job in both of those areas. He's worked extremely hard and has brought in some of the best talent from across the country year in and year out for each program he has worked for, and that's what he's done here at the University of Arkansas.

"I'm excited for him, personally and professionally, because I know he has aspired to be a head coach at this type of program. This is great for his career and I couldn't be more happy for Tony and his future."