American Red Cross Asking Citizens To Roll Up Their Sleeves

July 06, 2005 -- Posted at 3:00 P.M. CDT

JONESBORO -- "Please, please, help us to meet the blood needs," said Bob Draper.

Draper works for the American Red Cross in Jonesboro.

This plea for blood by the American Red Cross is an appeal for donations not just in Jonesboro, but across the country.

"We need people to come out now, not only to participate at our blood centers, but out in our blood drives that we have throughout the area," said Draper.

Blood supplies are most often lower in the summer due to vacation, holidays, and very busy lifestyles--along with an increase in outdoor accidents.

"....And of course, we never know when an emergency will happen--a car accident--and so we need to be prepared to meet those requirements," said Draper.

The need for blood is most certainly there, and now the American Red Cross is looking to the public to answer the call.

"We try to save lives, but we cannot do it without individuals coming out and rolling up their sleeves," said Draper.