A Better Region 8: Your feedback about Pit Bulls

In a recent Better Region 8 editorial, we tackled the new Pit Bull ban in Caraway and the reinforcement of the ban in Osceola.

The point of an editorial segment is not necessarily to get people to agree but to get people to start conversations. This one certainly fit the bill.

All last weekend, we received emails from anti-Pit Bull organizations from as far away as Washington State and even some in Canada.

While I certainly appreciate their passion for their point of view, I politely let them know that you, the Region 8 viewers are the ones we focus on and you did a great job expressing your points of view.

Some Region 8 viewers agreed with the editorial. Hayleigh from Jonesboro wrote:

"I recognize the problem lies within the irresponsible owners and not the breed itself. This breed is ridiculously and carelessly over-bred and unfortunately, their reputation and physical appearance appeal to a crowd that looks to raise a Pit Bull for violence. I am standing up for my breed! I am a responsible Pit Bull owner."

One Arkansas resident named Dana did the best job countering my stance to the editorial.

"You can speak of great experiences with pit bulls and good owners all you want, but there are over 300 breeds that are owned and while they might bite, you won't see humans getting a med flight or a toe tag."

She did her research and backed up her argument with stories from the Region 8 News website meaning the cases were local and tragic.  I respect Dana for the way she proved her point.

Know that all of our prayers go out to the families who've lost loved ones and to those who've been injured.

But my thoughts still go back to the owners. The owners of any dog who attacks need to be held responsible and if the attacking dog was not properly cared for or restrained, then the penalty should be harsh.

Thank you, Region 8 for speaking out so well and so civilly.

Discourse, disagreement, debate and the patience and respect to listen to all sides of an argument makes this A Better Region 8.

Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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