City council to discuss possible medical marijuana facilities

City council to discuss possible medical marijuana facilities

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - The City of Walnut Ridge will discuss the possibility of medical marijuana businesses coming to town at their June council meeting.

Mayor Charles Snapp said he has been approached by 3 different people about bringing a cultivation facility to the town.

He has also been approached by one group about putting a medical marijuana dispensary in Walnut Ridge.

Mayor Snapp said he is bringing this issue before the city council on June 19 because applications for medical marijuana facilities will begin in July and wants the councilmen to know there is interest in the town.

He did say there might be an issue bringing either of the facilities to smaller towns like Walnut Ridge because of the minimum distance they must be from a school or church.

The law states that grow facilities must be at least 3,000 feet from churches, schools or daycares.

Dispensaries must be 1,500 feet away.

Snapp said given the town's size, it may be impossible for either project to come to town, but it's worth checking out.

People began to weigh in on the possibility of a marijuana-based business in the town on Friday.

Region 8 News spoke to residents who were both for and against the issue.

"We don't need to have it where at any time you can drive through a drive-thru and get medical marijuana and drive off," Walnut Ridge resident Chris Krohn said. "I believe that it will be misused. I think it will be abused."

Tina Yoshida is a former drug addict. She also said she doesn't want to see medical marijuana grown or sold in Walnut Ridge.

"Some people do think that they might need it for, you know, medical use but it's gonna cause another problem," Yoshida said. "It's just another drug, no matter what it is. It's going to be abused."

Some residents did say they were for the businesses coming to Walnut Ridge because of the tax revenue and job opportunities it could bring.

Mayor Snapp said he would treat it like any other manufacturing business.

He also said he is required by state law to allow any person who meets the state's requirements and is approved to open a shop in the town.

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