Region 8 Getaways: Roughin' It

July 7, 2005 – Posted at 5:24 p.m. CDT
FULTON COUNTY, AR -- Taking time to get away from it all can do wonders for relaxing. But then there's the stress of what should you do and where should you go?
Our two-part series on Region 8 getaways gets a little down and dirty, but it's all good fun in the end.
The K8 News journey for a great getaway takes us to the Many Islands Campground on Spring River, and from the looks of it, camping seems to be a pretty popular recreation.
“It's better than just sitting in the house not doing anything,” said camper Stan Stevens, “This is the chance to get outside and actually do something.”
And there's plenty to do. From grilling out…
“The point is trying to make it as easy as possible on yourself. We're going to have these burgers and top them with bacon, and that ought to be it,” laughed Russ Kingsbury as he fried bacon on a grill.
…To just enjoying the outdoors, whether your 'roughing' it in an RV or in a tent.
“I'd rather be outside in the sunshine, clean air, the water and the river. It’s just about being out in nature. That's what it's all about,” said camper Steven Davis.
“It's a fun time, I mean we enjoy it. We love the outdoors, we are outdoors people. This is our habitat, we love being outside,” said Wendy Davis.
Camper Robert Bachorskf agreed, “It's God's country. This is just beautiful.”
For many, it's simply a break from the rat race.
“Most folks who come up here and hang out and do these things, they're just like us. They just want to get away from life,” said Davis, “You don't want to come out here and have to worry about locking your camper and folks walking off with all your stuff.”
For most, it's time to spend with friends and family.
“It’s nice just being together, me and my son, doing a guy things,” said Kingsbury. But most agree, the best part is the campfire and the s'mores that go with it.
“There are marshmallows in it and chocolate, and the marshmallows are so squishy,” laughed Reagan Snell.
Even if you're not an outdoorsy person, it's not a bad way to spend a weekend.
“Smell everybody cooking their bacon in the morning, listening to the river. Birds chirping, everybody's waking up, it's a new's fun,” said Kingsbury.
After all this is the home of the happy camper. “God has made some beautiful things, and I love it,” said camper Gary Robinson.