New Hotel Property to Bring Money to Jonesboro

July 6, 2005 - Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR - Expansion and upkeep is the name of the game in the hotel business. Hotel owner Naz Kazi owns three Jonesboro hotels and plans a few new additions soon. Kazi says the new John Q. Hammons property will trickle in business to local restaurants, gas stations and the new Mall at Turtle Creek. “It will put Jonesboro in the position to host bigger events that we haven’t been able to host before,” says Kazi.

Hotels have been popping up in Jonesboro since the Eighties. But, the city has never been home to a first class hotel or seen the revenue that comes along with a property of its magnitude. Arkansas State University economist Gary Latanich sees millions of dollars in revenue coming to the city as a result of this development. “Something is obviously happening in Jonesboro that’s making it an attractive place to visit or do business,” says Latanich.

More business means more income, that sparks the economic interest of some key players in Jonesboro. Wallace Fowler, with the Jonesboro Economic Development Corporation says the convention center’s accompanying hotel is “the engine that will drive some additional revenue for the city and jobs for the people."