Britain Explosions

JULY 7, 2005-- Posted at 4:43 PM CDT

LONDON (AP) _ Dozens are dead and hundreds are hurt after four explosions hit commuter routes during rush hour. Britain's prime minister headed back to London after learning of the bombings that killed more than three dozen people and injured hundreds of others on subways and a bus.

Train cars went dark after a loud bang. The roof of a red double-decker bus flew 30 feet into the air, and Londoners wept in terror. A hotel turned into a hospital, buses ferried the wounded, and ordinary people took to the streets alongside emergency workers to help.

Tony Blair left the summit ending the day where he began it -- at the G-Eight summit in Scotland -- after traveling home to deal with the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack.

While in London, he was briefed by a cabinet committee and visited the headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police, which coordinated the response to the attacks.

He also delivered a statement promising an intense police hunt for those responsible, and said he knew that most Muslims around the world ''deplore this act of terrorism.''

The Union Jack flies at half-staff tonight at Buckingham Palace after the worst attacks on Britain since World War Two.

An aide says Blair then returned by helicopter to the Scottish resort where he'd been taking part in discussions with leaders of the Group of Eight industrialized nations.

Just a day before, London basked in the glory of clinching the 2012 Olympic Games. People screamed with joy in Trafalgar Square. But the screams were of a different kind today. And an eerie quiet has now taken hold of the city.