Jonesboro Hires New Chief

July 7, 2005--Posted at 7:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--After four months without a chief, Aaron Keller has been namedJonesboro’s top fireman.  Keller grew up in Region 8 and has worked for more than twenty-five years with the Jonesboro Fire Department.  Jonesboro mayor Doug Formon says, “We got the best man for the job.”

The job Formon is talking about could see its share of stress over the next year.  Keller could have to battle with the Jonesboro City Council over the hiring of much needed help.  In positions like fire marshal the city of Jonesboro is drastically undermanned when compared to cities close to its size.

Keller will also need the new help to keep pace with the quickly growing city of Jonesboro.  This weeks unveiling of a massive hotel and convention center along with the new mall will further test the already strained force.

"Our fire load seems to be increasing everyday." Keller says.

The good news for Keller is he was the obvious choice of firefighters across the area.  Many were pulling for him and say there isn’t anyone else they would have chosen for the job.  “I am very pleased.” Station two fireman Jerry McCormick said.  “They really couldn’t have made a better choice.

Keller shared today's announcement with his wife and two kids.