Dangerous Situation for City Buildings

July 8, 2005 - Posted at 7:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR - The downtown Jonesboro fire station was partially redone a few years ago. According to city leaders, the building will not see anymore renovations in the future. The building has seen flooding problems for years, and city council says it’s time to rebuild in a different spot.

Fire Department Captain Eric Brown says as much as eight inches of water floods the living quarters when it rains. “Everything gets wet, and then we have to come in and clean it up,” says Brown.

For a long time, captain Brown and his men have come home after putting out a fire to deal with flooding at the firehouse. Fire Chief Aaron Keller says the station is old. “If we started remodeling what we have now, we’d put as much into it as a new one. So why not just build a new one?”

During a city council meeting Friday afternoon, city leaders discussed a new downtown fire station, and one council member suggested building it on the corner of Washington and Church. Renovations of other city buildings also topped the agenda.


A methane leak coming through the floor of the Public Works building is flammable, causing dangerous conditions for city workers. Mayor Doug Formon says, “the buildings are unsettled because of the ground. They’ve cracked inside. The foundations have, and through those cracks, the gas is coming up.”

The city plans to move the Street and Sanitation Departments and Animal Control to the new site of the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society. Mayor Formon says, “Hopefully in a year, we can have all three of those departments in there and up and running, have the land completed, and have them off the landfill completely.”