Speeding in residential neighborhoods increase

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Summer is out and kids playing in their own yards might not be completely safe.

Both Craighead County Emergency 911 and law enforcement have started receiving calls about hazardous drivers in residential areas.

Zachary Davis is a father that lives in the Cottonwood Estates in Craighead County.

Davis said he's concerned for the safety of his son.

"My son likes to go out and walk his dog," Davis said. "As well as, a lot of kids in this subdivision. At any given time during the day, there could be 20 to 30 kids out playing in the road. There's no sidewalks. I've seen them playing soccer and dribbling basketballs. I'm just worried with the excess of speeding that someone is going to get injured and possibly take the life of a kid, animal even an adult that just happens to be walking around the subdivision."

Captain Justin Rolland with the Craighead County Sheriff's Department agreed this is becoming a problem.

"Schools out," Rolland said. "We've received several complaints of hazardous drivers. Whether it be in a vehicle or four-wheelers. It seems like here lately the complaints have been more geared toward kids on four-wheelers."

Davis tried fixing the problem in his own subdivision by contacting the Craighead County Road Department.

"I've contacted the Craighead County Road Department," Davis said. "I requested for them to put out a speed limit sign, which they did. I even offered to pay for speed bumps throughout my subdivision, myself. To try and rectify the problem. But they said for some reason they couldn't let me. They just couldn't do that."

Davis also contacted law enforcement about the problem.

"I've contacted the Craighead County Sheriff's Department," Davis said. "They did come out. They've responded multiple times. Not just to me, but to other neighbors as well."

Davis said a warning was issued to the violators.

"About a month and a half ago," Davis said. "A four-wheeler went flying by here in front of the deputy that was here. He drove out there and talked to them and gave them a stern warning."

Rolland said first they're warned and then they face harsher penalties.

"Those kids or young adults that are on the four-wheelers driving recklessly," Rolland said. "I know in the last few weeks, deputies have made contact with individuals on four-wheelers and have warned them and told them they can't be driving hazardously on those roads. So, they've been warned and now there could possibly be some citations and some things issued to those individuals as well."

Rolland said once a warning has been issued and the activity continues, they then send out additional patrol units to the area of complaint.

"Anytime we get a complaint like that," Rolland said. "We broadcast an extra patrol in that area so deputies can be on the lookout for, specifically, those individuals or vehicle descriptions they can be on the lookout for to try and put a stop to that."

Rolland said they have dispatched additional units to the Cottonwood Estates subdivision.

"It's all about safety," Rolland said. "On both parts of the spectrum. With the public who has to be on the lookout for them as well as the kids who are actually on those four-wheelers and in those vehicles."

Davis said he just wants the speeding to stop.

"I would like to see people do the speed limit," Davis said. "Respect others. Respect the children and respect the animals and adults and this nice neighborhood that we have. They're all out playing. They're out of school. Kids are going next door to see each other. Walking and crossing the road. Just walking across the road in this subdivision has now become dangerous. My son standing over here, I'm scared that he's going to be hit or one of our animals or another child in this subdivision."

Rolland said you should contact your local law enforcement agency if you're having problems like this.

"If you're experiencing problems with hazardous drivers," Rolland said. "Whether it's adults in vehicles or kids on four-wheelers, you need to contact your law enforcement agency. Contact the Craighead County Sheriff's office. Let us know about it so we can do extra patrols in those areas and try to eliminate some of that."

Contact the Craighead County Sheriff's Department by clicking here.

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