Greene County Planning New Museum

Sunday July 9th--Posted at 10:00 PM

A museum, according to Webster, it is; "an institution for the acquisition, preservation, study, and exhibition of works of artistic, historical or scientific value."

A museum sounds exactly what they are tyring to do in Greene County. You can read all about it in the latest issue of Northeast Arkansas Business Today.

Welcome to 130 South 14th Street in Paragould and the future home of the Greene County Museum of Paragould, Arkansas. This massive home, most recently a bridal shop ten years ago is set to preserve the history and integrity of Greene County, according to Robert Harris.  Harris is the president of the musuem's board of directors.

He, and the board know there is a lot of work to be done; an estimated 200-250 thousand dollars worth of repair and remodeling is needed. However, to Robert, it's worth it, for history and the future.

The museum is in need of more than money. They need some more items to display once they open for business. If you have some collections or items that would fit the bill, and if you would like to contact Robert yourself, you can give him a call at 870-236-3194.