A Better Region 8: Summer safety on lakes and rivers

Summer is in full swing, and that means a lot of us will be out on boats on Region 8 lakes and rivers. Cruising on the water is a great way to spend the weekend but it only takes one bad decision to change things for the worst, especially if alcohol is involved.

You may not know it but the drinking and driving laws are the same for boats as they are for cars. So, if you're going to the lake or river, don't drink and drive or boat drunk. The law states that if your blood alcohol level is .08 or above you're could be heading to jail.

But getting locked up isn't the worst thing that can happen.  Every year we do stories about tragic events that happen on the water.  In most cases, they are all preventable. Someone's bad decision ruins the weekend for everyone.  And drinking is not the only thing you need to be smart about. Make sure you have enough life jackets on board and your lights work.  And check that fire extinguisher you haven't looked at in a few years, you just never know when you might need them.

We're not trying to dampen your summer.  We're just trying to make sure we are all safe. Region 8 has so many lakes and rivers to enjoy. Staying safe while having fun makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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