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Parents share tips on how to keep kids cool as temperatures rise


As the summertime clock continues to tick, temperatures are steady on the rise. But locals aren't letting the heat stop them from enjoying the city. Parents have some tips to help keep your kids cool while still having a fun time.

"Cute idea for moms, you can take some fresh fruit. So blueberries or strawberries. You can freeze it in some water, like your ice cube tray and bring that out while they're enjoying and having fun. Something fun for them to enjoy," says local mom Aliyah Baker.

Park shading areas, ceiling fans, and even umbrellas are some of the ways residents are keeping the sun out.
Moms Aliyah and Lisa say the park splash pads offer a easy way to keep children cool. "
My kids loves to play with water anyhow and my friend and I just decided to get our pair of three children or trio of children. So we decided to meet up here at one of the splash pads and we just decided to come here and let them play in the water and cool off," says Lisa Kaczmarek.

However, parents should also be warned of the sidewalks around the splash pads. They are encouraged to keep an eye on their children's feet so that they don't get burned from the hot pavement. "We try to do it in increments. We try to let the kids play for a little while. At least pull them out of the blazing sun get them in the shade over there as well," says Dvadne Freeman.

Hydration, shade and cool treats are key tips for a fun and relaxing summer outing as things continue to heat up!

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