Bargain Back to School Shopping

July 12, 2005 - Posted at 4:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR - Any parent, including Amy Brogdin, will tell you Mid-July is not too early for back to school shopping. Brogdin’s two little boys are in the first and second grades, and, at that age, their school supply lists are fairly simple.

  However, simple doesn’t mean mom’s not trying to save money. “We just look for what they absolutely need and the lowest price, really,” says Brogdin.

Wal-Mart manager Sue Wery says many Region Eight teachers have eliminated brand names from their supply lists, and that makes it easier for penny pinching shoppers to find the best deals. “I’d say the average family could easily spend under 20 dollars,” says Wery.

Another smart shopping tip is to shop early. Shopping in a rush can cause you to buy pricier items that you don’t need. “We don’t usually get extras because you end up getting extras during the school year,” says Brogdin.


Finally, comparison shoppers say that, ultimately, they get the best deals. Buying an item a few cents cheaper than its brand name counterpart can save a shopper a bundle at the check out line. At the end of her shopping trip, Amy Brogdin was within her budget and happy that she beat the rush.