Slow Progress for Bono Lake

July 12, 2005--Posted at 6:00 PM CDT

Bono, AR--It’s been several years since the Bono community has seen heavy flooding, but that doesn’t mean officials are still not concerned. “While the flooding problem has improved, the potential for a flooding problem is still there,” Bono Alderman David Moore says.


Moore should know. He lives in a home that is considered to be in a flood area. He says while his home has never flooded he has seen several other homes in his neighborhood flooded, that is why he feels very strongly about the proposed lake being built just northeast of town.

He isn’t the only one. The Bono mayor also sees the lake as something to help his community. “It could really help with our flooding problems,” Mayor Duncan says, “but it could also be used for other things like tourism. We are talking 135 acres of land.”

Those other things the mayor is talking about would include a fishing lake and possibly even a government funded park of some type. Mayor Duncan adding that he feels it could not only benefit Bono, but the surrounding areas of Region 8 as well.

Currently the land for the lake has been purchased by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, but federal funds are still being gathered before they can begin to build the lake. A lake that is keeping the future bright in Bono.