Skaters Getting Beat Up, Not By Stunts

July 12, 2005--Posted at 10:15 pm CST

JONESBORO --Skateboarding is a risky sport, but the risk should come from the tricks, and not from other neighborhood kids.

One skater said, "I got a black eye, and they busted the inside of my lip."

He is local teen who asked not to be identified after he said he was beat up for no reason at the Race Street Skate Park.

"They beat me up pretty good. They said that is good enough and took off running," he said.

His mother doesn't want him going back.

"Well I don't want him going back. Everywhere you go in the city, they have a sign that says they don't want the kids skating on the streets or on the sidewalks, but that gives them no other place to go, if they feel like that they are going to be beat up every time that they go to the skate park," the unidentified skater's mom said.

The old downtown skate park was destroyed a year ago by an angry business man. He was forced to pay nearly $20,000 to the city for a new one, but the city is still trying to decide where it should go.

Skater Josh McGinnis said, "In my opinion, this would not be the best place to put it (a skatepark). There are a lot of people that come around here trying to start stuff."

He says safety issues are an on going problem at the Race Street Skate Park.

McGinnis said, "Kids come out here and try to start stuff, but most of the times we just ignore them and go about what we are doing. We have had many occasions when the cops had to be called out here to help break up fights."

The City of Jonesboro did not have an opportunity to comment on this situation. We will have their comment tomorrow night on Nightbeat.