Town hall held to discuss medical marijuana cultivation facility

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HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) - Residents in Harrisburg had the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting Thursday night on the possibility of a medical marijuana cultivation facility coming to their town.

Southeastern Medical Solution representatives were there to tell residents more about the possible cultivation facility.

Erik Williams is from Connecticut and discussed the benefits that a cultivation facility could bring to Harrisburg, answer question people had about the facility and the process of a facility coming to town.

Williams said they do have a piece of property they are looking at to possibly build a cultivation facility.

"We have got an option on a piece of property that is suitable in terms of being the correct distances necessary distances away from any churches or parks," Williams said.

Williams praised Harrisburg for their utilities as well.

"That is one of the great things about Harrisburg here is we got great electricity, natural gas line, and great water here, so we got all that access our property," Williams said.

The facility is not what one would expect, accord to Williams.

"First and foremost, in no way will it be visible to any neighbors or anyone else from around the community," Williams said.

While security will not be visible, it will be a very secure facility.

"It will be fenced and cameraed at all times," Williams said. "We will even be using low-altitude drones to watch exactly where we are. The facility, for the main point, will be a greenhouse."

Harrisburg resident Diann Martin came to the meeting out of curiosity of what could come to town.

"Well I'm just curious about what it is going to bring," Martin said. "About the facility, about what it is going to offer community and to learn more about what this medical marijuana is."

Williams said right now they are in the application process. The applications are due September 18.

With the commitment, Southeastern Medical Solution has made to the city of Harrisburg, and what Harrisburg has partially committed to the company, if they are granted a license, construction would start within 48 hours of all the hurdles being cleared.

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