TAPS and Trumann police looking to find solution

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Thursday, the Trumann Arkansas Pet Savers announced on their Facebook page that they were splitting from the Trumann pound.

Candice York and Brittany Smithson, volunteers of TAPS, said this heated debate with the city of Trumann all started over an air conditioning unit.

"The pound has no air," York said.  "It has minimum ventilation."

York said they were doing their daily duties at the Trumann Pound when they noticed the thermostat inside read 98 degrees at 11:00 in the morning.

"We texted the mayor about it, and she said that she would talk to some people about it and see what they could do," York said. "A couple of weeks went by, and we never heard anything else."

TAPS said another group offered to give the pound a free air conditioning unit, but the city said no.

So, York said they made a public announcement on Facebook saying they were splitting with the city.

"The city of Trumann's idea to fix the heat solution was to give away dogs for free," York said. "Giving dogs away for free, you're going to have a few good homes, but what about the other 75% of the dogs? I mean, they end up bait dogs. They end up dumped on the street when they're not house broken. They're going to kick them out of their house. They're going to be back in the pound."

However, the city tells Region 8 News that they're not ignoring the problem.

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson said it's getting too hot at the city pound.

Henson said giving away some of the animals is just one part of the solution.

"We are going to remodel," Henson said. "It can't happen tomorrow, it probably won't happen next week, but today I've received three bids on trying to find a solution."

Henson said he's looking to find the right bids before he presents the renovation project to the city council.

However, Henson said he can't fix the issue without communication and teamwork.

"Let's sit down and talk," he said. "I have not been in any conversation with them. They say they had several meetings, and I have not been in those meetings. I want to talk with them."

Smithson said TAPS plans to stay in Trumann, but won't partner with the city, for now.

"We won't ever say that we'll never help the Trumann Pound again," Smithson said. "Of course, our goal would be to be able to communicate, talk about it, figure things out and come to a solution so we can still help the Trumann pound. That's what we want more than anything is to help the dogs."

Both TAPS and Trumann police hopes to find a solution together.

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