Farmers are Happier After Dennis Heads Through

July 13, 2005--Posted 5:00 pm CDT

Poinsett, Co--Local farmers are happy about this week’s rainfall but are already looking to the skies for more.  Local farmer Steve Craig says his farmland received about three and a half inches of rainfall on Monday when remnants of Hurricane Dennis blew through the area.

“We were really pretty mad we had begun an irrigation program and we had to water most of our beans to get them up.” Craig said.  Now Craig has been able to turn off his irrigation systems and save money at the same time.  Craig says that the price of fuel has doubled over the last three years, and that means increased costs to him when irrigating.

Even with the added rainfall Region 8 is still considered in a drought.  The Arkansas Soil and Water Conservation Commission says Dennis helped out the area but more is certainly needed.

Craig agrees and says in a perfect world farms across the area would see five days of clear skies for every two days of consistent rainfall.  He says he is hoping to get more rain next week to help out his crops.  He may get his wish as Tropical Storm Emily is following in Dennis’ footsteps and could be headed this way.