Bandits Steal 200-Pound Safe from Osceola

JULY 14, 2005 - Posted at 2:59 p.m. CDT

OSCEOLA, AR - Osceola police need your help in finding the person or persons responsbile for stealing a 200-pound safe from a convenience store early this morning.

Surveillance cameras caught video of the heist as it took place at approximately 3:15 this morning at the GasMart on South Walnut Street in Osceola.  Police say a small piece of asphalt broke the glass on the door in which the burglars gained access to the building.  "One person is all that we saw in the store.  It is possible that he could have been on the outside.  It's possible that it could have handed the safe over to the next person," said OPD Lieutenant Ollie Collins.

Collins says other burglaries with similar patterns have occured in the area recently.  He says they don't yet know if the crimes are related.

Anyone with information about the crimes is urged to contact the Osceola Police Department at 563-5213.