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(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - It's an event that happens once every 100 years, and it happened Monday in Brookland.

The event is called Zip Meets the Date Day.

Brookland Postmaster Lisa Scott said it's when the date and zip code numbers line up.

"July 24, of 2017 is our zip code here at Brookland: 72417," said Scott. "It only happens once every 100 years. So, we're happy to celebrate with the public."

Scott said she was excited when she first discovered Brookland was going to fall into such a rare group.

"First to come up with something to commemorate the day," Scott said. "I got together with our news media at the district to explain to them what we were doing and that this was coming up. I started researching Brookland to see what would be a good event for this town to commemorate on a postmark. So, I came up with the school because everyone is so proud of the school. So, the Brookland Bearcats is what I came up with. I designed a paw, a bearcat paw with the date on the palm and that is our celebration postmark."

Brookland resident Oma Dooley was also excited.

She realized what was coming and immediately started to contact others.

"It first hit me in January," Dooley said. "I had gone up to the cabin with my son and on the way back I thought 'Oh, my goodness. I've got to get a hold of the mayor and I don't know how to get a hold of him.' Cause I wanted to tell him firsthand that it was going to be our zip code day."

Scott said Brookland residents were thrilled to learn about the day.

"Oh, they just think it's the neatest thing," Scott said. "And no one's ever heard of it. I mean, once every 100 years. They've been really supportive in buying our stamps so we can postmark it. They're really happy about it."

"It's really exciting," Dooley said. "That we get to see it happening here. It really is."

In addition to creating the commemorative stamp, they also handed out refreshments all day and invited customers to visit with one another.

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