Local Neighborhood Hopes Police Can Help Clean-Up Crime

July 14, 2005--Posted at 6:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--It’s a home owner’s worst nightmare, and people living on Race Street in Jonesboro say they’re living it each day.  Neighbors who are so bad they are chasing off other neighbors and chasing the property value into the ground.

Neighbors tell us they have personally seen windows being shot out with B.B. guns, had their own homes defaced with paint and other unmentionable objects and even fights breaking out and moving onto their property.

“My husband has been here for more than twenty years, and it used to be a perfect neighborhood,” One homeowner said,  “but about three years ago it really began getting bad.”

Residents of the neighborhood say for the longest time local police were not doing their job of keeping residents safe. 


R ecently that has changed as the interim police chief and other officers have personally visited with local residents.  They promised to up their nighttime patrols and enforce the local curfew.

Police say this falls under the jurisdiction of their new street crimes unit.  The unit was created by Mayor Doug Formon to help fight drugs and other crimes in the neighborhoods. 


Police say they are working several neighborhoods right now with undercover surveillance officers on site.  They hope to pinpoint those causing trouble and deal with the problem.

For residents on Race Street it all sounds good.  They just hope the increased presence of police will help clean up their neighborhood.