Brookland's annexation lines are moving

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Brookland's annexation lines are moving.

A meeting open to the public took place on Monday night.

Brookland Mayor Kenneth Jones said residents voiced a number of concerns with the proposed annexation lines.

"Last night's meeting was a good meeting," Jones said. "We got a lot of input, emotional input and concerns. Some very good points were brought up about the annexation that we had proposed. A couple of the main concerns were water and sewer. The amount of land we were looking at annexing and were we growing too much too fast. There were some concerns that maybe we needed to bring it back a little bit. Do it in steps instead of all at one time. So, we listened to all the people and their concerns."

Mayor Jones said he and the council decided to move the boundary lines in.

"We, as a group, the council and the mayor," Jones said. "We decided to bring the northern boundary back to the south and actually we're going to have a line that will be drawn across the blocks that are identified on our map as 134, 135, 154, 155, 113, 112, 111, 109 and 60. And that goes on the west side of 49 to the west side of 49b. So, we're taking probably about 55 to 60% of what we were going to do and cutting it back. It gives us an area to grow into. We went from around 110 homes in the proposed annex to 90 homes. 13 businesses to 6 businesses that will be involved in the annex area."

Mayor Jones said another concern brought up in Monday night's meeting was a possible apartment complex development.

"There was a proposed development," Jones said. "In the area, right around Thompson Creek. And again, this was just proposed from what we had been told by the reality. We don't know who the developer was. The reality company presented themselves at a meeting on June 26 and said they had a proposal for this development. They were asking about city sewer and city water if they weren't inside the city. We don't supply services outside the city. So, at that point in time it was put into the annexed area. But this takes all that out and future development toward Goobertown out as well. The potential multi-family development will no longer be located in the city. It'll be in the county now if built."

Jones said the next step is to draw up the new proposal.

"The surveyors are redoing the lines," Jones said. "We hope to have a new map Thursday. We will have it online. It'll be available here at Brookland City Hall. We'll just be talking about the positives of the area coming into the city. What it means to us in 2020 census and what it means to us in ten, fifteen years. Hopefully, we can grow. Be a community that people want to come live in."

Jones said this annexation is important to the city's future.

"It's important for an area to grow," Jones said. "We're blessed in Northeast Arkansas. With the struggles in the economy that some other areas have gone through, we have had steady growth and good businesses wanting to locate here with good jobs."

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