Two More Jailers Gone in Crittenden County after Latest Escapes

JULY 15, 2005 - Posted at 7:02 a.m. CDT

WEST MEMPHIS, AR - A Crittenden County jailer has been fired and another quit after two inmates escaped from the local detention center on July 3.

Tristian Wilson escaped from the jail for the third time and brought another inmate with him.  Jail Administrator Mickey Thornton put the blame on his staff, saying recent improvements to the jail should have prevented the two from crawling out of the ceiling in a visitation booth.

Thornton said jailer Tyrone McCaine was fired for not doing his job.  Jailer Michael Dabbs resigned and admitted he did not do his job properly.

Thornton said the two employees did not do a proper head count during a shift change or the authorities would have known of the escape sooner.  He said some jailers come in and are just waiting to find better jobs and don't care about watching the inmates.

Wilson is still at large.  The other escapee, King Albert Adams, has been caught.

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