Fuel Thieves Steal From Local Farmers

July 15, 2005-- Posted at 5: 20 PM CDT


Randolph County, AR--Several Counties are facing fuel theft in Region 8, but Randolph County farmers say they’ve had enough.  About 3,000 gallons of diesel have been stolen so far, but officials suspect even more could have been stolen.

When asked who might be behind the thefts, Randolph County Sheriff Brent Earley said, “It may be another farmer.  It may be another operation that needs farm fuel.  They’re just basically stealing it instead of buying it.” 

One farmer says he’s been hit at least three times, at 500 gallons per theft.  He’s also worried other farmers are being stolen from without even knowing it.  He recommends farmers keep an eye out and keep accurate log books.

Now, several farmers have come together to put up a $4,000 reward for anyone who has information leading to the culprits.  And, the Arkansas Farm Bureau is adding another $1000 on top of that, making the total reward $5000.

Anyone who knows information that could lead to the fuel thieves should call the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department at 870-892-8888.